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Buying a home is one of the most exciting and important moments of your life.

Your home is not just the roof over your head, where you live, eat, sleep, play, and raise a family; it is also one of the most important investments you will ever make.

It has likely taken you lots of time, planning and saving. This is an exciting milestone that you will remember for a long time. I am here to make sure that it’s done right. I want to do more than just help you buy a property; I want to teach you everything you need to know to buy your home.

And there are so many questions to answer:

  • What can you afford?
  • What’s your plan?
  • Are you pre-approved for a mortgage?
  • Should you buy new or in an established neighborhood?
  • Should you look for a condo, a townhouse, or a detached home?
  • How do you actually buy the home you want?
  • Do you want me – a Keller Williams Realtor – to help you do it all?

I will explore all of these areas and more with you on your home buying journey, from helping you to get pre-approved, to putting together a “Home Selection Worksheet” so you can make detailed notes on each property you view.

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